Building Green is a philosophy that we at Cub Run Builders, Inc. practiced before anyone called it Green. Our basic philosophy had its origin in the old- fashioned values of thrift and frugality. Known in current parlance as resource management and conservation, this is actually the greenest activity we as builders can practice. Minimizing of the waste stream from a project is a great way to minimize the carbon footprint. For every piece of material that is salvaged or reused we eliminate the embedded energy that goes into the project. Plywood is a good example when one stops to think about how much energy goes into each sheet. There is the planting, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, distributing, and delivering of each piece with thousands of Btu’s embedded in every piece. Eliminating the need for a few sheets of plywood, or salvaging framing lumber during demolition and reusing it for forms or bracing has a small but positive effect on the energy balance sheet.

    This leads us into the next major concept of accumulated increments. Combating Global Warming is not done with a magic bullet approach; rather it will take scores if not hundreds of small steps, changes in attitudes and procedures, and incremental savings in energy consumption to have a positive impact in our ability as a society to build in a truly sustainable way.

    At Cub Run Builders, Inc. we fully endorse the goals of Architecture 2030 which state that all new construction will be energy or carbon neutral by the year 2030. This goal is easily attainable with current off-the-shelf technology.
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