Tips for making the experience of having your home remodeled while you live in it a good one:
  • Cub Run Builders aims for excellent communication between the client, the workers on your job site, and our office.
  • If you have questions or concerns, talk to your job foreman or your job supervisor.

  • Before the work begins, ready the rooms that will be impacted by moving furniture and other objects, or carefully covering them. Ask us if you need help in this phase.

  • Move and replant any precious plants if they are in the construction area. If there is a tree that needs to have work, or to be protected, do that. Again, ask us if you need help.

  • If your project includes a kitchen remodel, create a space to be a temporary kitchen.

      It may be possible to relocate your refrigerator for use during the construction.
      You will need an easily accessible water source.
      Have a microwave in your temporary kitchen.
      Make some dishes ahead and freeze them to microwave later.
      Have a space for your coffee or tea pot.
      Have basic spices, butter, salt, and pepper on hand.
      Do not pack away utility utensils (can opener, wine opener, sharp knives, etc.)
      Have microwavable dishes available.
      Think picnic use paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery.
      Keep cleaning supplies and a dishtowel on hand.
      We are often able to temporarily relocate your kitchen sink to a nearby bathroom.

  • Introduce us to your children and let the kids know what will be happening in their home.

  • Let us know about any pets that you have. Are they allowed outside? How can we make the work areas safe for them?
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