Hours of Work: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday, unless other arrangements have been made. Cub Run employees are given the weekends off to spend time with their families.

    Cub Run Labor: Supervisor – either Jim Hunter or Bill Rohrer – will visit the job site on a daily basis or as needed to provide the supervision required for the Cub Run level of quality of work. The supervisor will also be the primary contact for the Owner, Architect, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. Foreman – will be present from the beginning of work until completion. The foreman will be in daily contact with the Owners as they come and go. The foreman will deal with questions from subcontractors and coordinate with the supervisor. The foreman will also direct the other Cub Run employees on their daily work.

    • Carpenters – as required by work schedule
    • Carpenters Helpers – as required by work schedule
    • Laborers – as required by work schedule
    • Painters – as required by work schedule
    • Masons –as required by work schedule

    Conduct: All Cub Run employees understand that our job site is your house. They will treat it with respect. Our employees are scrupulously honest. Your fine furnishings and belongings are safe while we are working at your house. Smoking is not allowed inside. Cigarette butts are to be placed in a receptacle. Radios will be played at a reasonable volume. Work areas are to be cleaned at completion of the work. We ask that you let us know if you have a concern.

    Client communication: Cub Run uses email as a convenient method of communication. Cell phone numbers will be provided to the Clients for the supervisor and foreman.

    Access: We prefer to keep a key in a secure location at the job site. That way the key is available for subcontractors or Cub Run employees if the job foreman happens to be away from the job.

    Onsite Storage: we would appreciate having an area – one side of a garage, or the basement, or even a patio where we will store materials. We will often supply a metal lock box for tools storage. We also like to designate an area for recycling of job materials, as well as an area to temporarily store job debris.

    Subcontractors: A general contractor is only as good as the worst subcontractor on the job. After over 40 years in business, we feel that we have found the best subcontractors in the business. We have worked with the same electricians, plumbers, etc. for decades in some cases, and have developed a great working relationship. These people take care of us and our clients.

    Restroom: If possible, a restroom should be designated to be available to the workers. If needed, we will provide a Dons Jon to be placed in a suitable location approved by the Owner.

    Floor Protection: Besides the pink tools, one of Cub Run’s signatures on a job is the way we try very hard to protect existing finishes in your house. For interior remodeling jobs, we install floor protection as one of our first tasks. This floor protection consists of laying a sheet of thick plastic film on the newly swept floor. The plastic is covered with 1/8 inch thick masonite with the edges taped with duct tape. We have found that this method will avoid scratching and dings on marble, hardwood floors, antique pine flooring, etc. The dust and grit from a construction job just cant get through those layers.

    Pink Tools: It is unfortunate, but theft has always been a problem in the construction industry. One day, about a couple of decades ago, a rolling scaffolding and an extension ladder was stolen from one of our jobs. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jim Hunter instructed one of his men to “go to the paint store and buy the pinkest paint you can get”. We proceeded to paint all of the Cub Run Tools pink. Since that day we have not lost a tool to theft. In fact I can remember a subcontractor walking a block to his truck to get his own shovel rather than use a pink shovel right next to his work. The pink tools also differentiate between Cub Run tools and clients tools. We will not take your ladder by mistake at the end of the job.

    Clean up: It is our intention to leave your job “broom clean” at the end of each work day. Dust is inevitably part of construction. It is present at all times, and must be dealt with daily to keep it somewhat under control. This is especially true when the time comes to sand the drywall compound. We do our best to keep it in control. Cub Run employees understand that the job site is also your house.

    Trash Disposal: Cub Run utilizes our dump truck to haul trash on a regular basis from our jobs. We prefer to haul trash in full loads in order to keep costs lower. For that reason, we will often pick a day to have trash collected from many jobs and hauled to the dump. For this reason, we prefer to stockpile trash in an acceptable container on the jobsite.

    Yard Signs: We would like your permission to set one of our company signs near the street. The majority of our business comes from “word of mouth” advertising. This sign not only helps our company generate business, but also serves as an important marker for material deliveries and inspectors.

    Pictures: We ask your permission to take pictures of your project before, during and upon completion of the work. Your house may show up on our web site. Your name and address will not appear in any marketing materials without your consent.

    Testimonials: We have found that our clients are more than willing to provide us with short testimonials on our work to be included on our web site. We hope you will do the same.
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