• Larry Stone, Foreman, Cub Run Builders

    Larry was born in California and raised in Arlington. He has also spent time in Italy, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and West Virginia. Larry was delighted to begin formal (paying) work in the construction industry following his high school graduation. He had already learned how to add a new electrical circuit or change the brakes in his family’s car before he became a teenager.

    Larry’s dad bought an old wooden boat that needed work and the accepted family standard was perfection. His father, who was raised in the Great Depression, impressed on Larry that waste was unacceptable “Get it right the first time” was his mantra.

    Larry met his wife, Carol, two decades ago, while kayaking in white water on the Potomac River. They now have two children. Larry has learned through his kids that “The greatest challenges bring the greatest rewards”.

    Larry has worked with Cub Run Builders since January of 2002. He enjoys the opportunity to work on projects that most carpenters would dread. Larry feels it is important to build quality into every aspect in a project. “A part of me goes into every project, and I do not intend to leave a shabby legacy.”

    Larry enjoys scuba diving (especially in Puerto Rico), hunting and fishing (especially in WV), home brewing, baking bread, camping with family and friends, welding and shaping steel, cutting and polishing stone, and just about any aspect of creative construction.

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