• Kay Evans, Business Manager, Cub Run Builders

    Kay was born in Texas but came to Alexandria, Virginia when she was four. Virginia is home since she has spent most of her life here. Kay went to high school in Alexandria and college at Richmond Polytechnic Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) and Virginia Tech.

    In her early twenties, Kay worked for several universities. Virginia Tech, Princeton and Johns Hopkins.

    When she was 27, Kay decided that she would like to drive a backhoe!! She called NOVA about taking a class. When they heard her (female) voice, they quickly said “how tall are you”? Upon hearing that she was 5’3”, they said “you are too short to reach the pedals”. Well who knows if that was true. Anyway, foiled at being a heavy equipment operator, Kay found an Ad for an office person to work at a construction company names R. I. Kellogg and Daughters, Inc. For obvious reasons the name appealed.

    Kay met Jim Hunter and Jim Papile at R. I. Kellogg and Daughters. Jim Hunter left to begin Cub Run Builders in 1977 and Jim Papile, who became Kay’s husband, left to begin Corner Post Construction.

    Kay worked for both companies as an office manager and a sometime estimator, site manager. In 1986 Corner Post closed and Kay worked exclusively for Cub Run.

    Kay has 5 children, 5 grandchildren and a wonderful husband, Jim Papile, who is now an Episcopal clergyman. Kay is also a licensed massage therapist. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, camping, hiking, traveling and Yoga.

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