• Check with the Virginia Board for Contractors (804-367-8500) to verify licensing and if there is a complaint record. Make sure the contractor is a Virginia Class A contractor; there IS a difference.
    • Make sure that the contractor is properly insured and provides you with verification
    • Get referrals from friends and neighbors who have had similar work done
    • Check the references that the Contractor gives you
    • Take a look at work the contractor has already done
    • Look for contractors who have done business for years in your community
    • Have your contractor pull all applicable building permits

    • Has a Class A Contractors License #2701 021207A
    • Has business licenses in Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington
    • Is fully insured and will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance
    • Will give you references of previous jobs and take you to see completed work
    • Has been in business in Alexandria and Northern Virginia for over 40 years
    • Always pulls necessary city or county building permits , has required inspections, and follows recommendation s of the Board of Architectural Review of the area if applicable

    • We maintain employees; including office manager, job supervisors, job foremen, carpenters, carpenter helpers , painters, masons and laborers.
    • The construction business is known for high employee turnover but Cub Run has great employee retention.
    • Most of our staff has been with us from between 10 and 40 years.
    • We provide training, benefits and great working conditions to our team.
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