• Bill Rohrer, Vice President, Cub Run Builders

    Bill was born and bred in Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan, and headed off for a stint with the U.S. Forest Service and a brief period as a logger. A transatlantic sailor, he worked as captain and crew for awhile in the Caribbean. After living briefly in Ireland Bill landed back here on the East Coast and joined Cub Run in 1983.

    A volunteer at the Alexandria animal shelter, Bill's lifelong love for dogs has involved him in the raising of numerous dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Canine Companions wheel chair assistance dogs. You'll find dog hair somewhere on everything Bill owns.

    An avid outdoorsman, Bill's hobbies include camping, hiking, canoeing, biking, cross country skiing, and while an old high school football back injury cut short his sky diving, when he flies he has to fight the urge to open the cockpit door and take one more leap into the wild blue yonder. travels to Japan, Germany, Switzerland,and Poland enable Bill to pursue his interest in photography which includes photographing lighthouses and nature photography. Other interest include,wine tasting, reading, cooking, building birch bark canoes, astronomy, and trying to wrap his mind around quantum mechanics and string theory. Gardening helps Bill relax, and except for the 3x3 spot for curbside recycling, you won't find a blade of grass in his yard.

    Briefly working as a stock broker Bill quickly learned to "love what you do and do what you love." Working with his hands has always been his first love and even though he builds all day, evenings and weekends you'll find him making the anvil ring in his smithy or hand planing a slab of wood for some furniture project. Designing one of a kind pieces really gets his creative juices flowing. A member of the Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac, many aspects of metal working including, welding, casting, and live steam grab his attention. You may even catch him dabbling with his 1905 metal lathe. Working solo moving antique machinery, Bill says given enough pulleys and levers he and the dead Greeks can move anything.
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